Building on a sloping block is a challenge that not all home builders are willing to take on, but offers homeowners big rewards in terms of views, aspects and design.

Englehart offers specialised, practical and energy efficient solutions to all the problems posed by difficult sloping sites. We understand how to deal with challenges including energy use, ventilation, drainage and access. We employ a variety of strategies, depending on the site specifics.

This ensures that houses are cost effective, environmentally conscious, well ventilated and properly drained, while optimising the properties unique views and aspect.

What are the benefits of a sloping block?

Innovative and unique design  Think interesting facades with expansive feature windows, layered landscaping and segmented living zones. When we design split level homes, we carefully consider how we can provide the best design outcome for your unique block. 

Stunning views One of the key reasons people choose to build on sloping blocks is to take advantage of surrounding views and local scenery. We will talk through things like orientation, placement of living and entertaining areas as well as window placement.

Plenty of natural light  – The elevated position of houses on sloping blocks means they are well placed to take advantage of tonnes of natural light. We utilise large features windows, floor-to-ceiling glass doors as well as considering the orientation of the home. 

Sustainability  – For those wishing to incorporate sustainable features, split-level homes can maximise solar energy panels due to the amount of sunlight that hits the roof.

Natural Drainage – Englehart considers natural drainage on all our home designs. We will carefully assess your block and advise on whether your block will naturally drain or whether we’ll need to put extra measures in place to drain water away from your home.

Imagining your dream home?

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