For over 40 years Englehart has been designing and building sustainable homes. 

Our innovation and leadership was recognised in the first Victorian and Australian awards for housing energy efficiency in 1984 and 1986. We have continued to develop innovations and efficiencies so that today our design process ensures your home will not cost the earth but will help preserve it. 

We emphasise room zoning, proportions and visual flow through door and window locations and incorporate key environmental opportunities such as cross ventilation and optimal daylight use into our designs. 

Energy efficiency is of the utmost importance and Englehart ensures your final design will achieve a six star-plus formal rating. As a proud leader in sustainability, Englehart adopts ground breaking technologies to create healthier lifestyles and living environments

Solar Electricity 

CSR Bradford Solar Charge Pack, including a Tesla Powerwall storage battery, and premium polycrystalline solar panels for generation. The charge pack provides the average Australian home with 90 per cent of its electrical requirements and assures security of supply Based on current electricity charges, savings over 10 years would cover the system’s cost and reduce carbon emissions by 8,300 kgs per year. 

Inverter Air Conditioning

Inverter air conditioning systems provide individual zone control, energy savings and a variable speed drive to consistently maintain settings.

Lightweight Masonry Flooring 

Building double-storey homes with a CSR Hebel power floor lightweight masonry flooring system provides a superior thermal performance and eliminates the flex and squeaking associated with sheet flooring. Englehart aims to create structures and use products that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient, and improve your home’s energy efficiency. Climate change means we must create sustainable buildings with minimal environmental impact and maximum human comfort

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