Luxury has evolved

Englehart Homes is delighted to announce our new partnership with renowned design house, Coco Republic.

All Englehart clients are now able to enjoy a truly turnkey option, with Coco Republic available to assist with every aspect of their dream home’s interior decoration and design.

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Welcome to the height of luxury, sophistication, and design.

Seamlessly fitting into your building journey, the Coco Republic partnership allows you to enjoy a true design and construct service like no other. Coco Republic will assist with every aspect of your dream home’s interior design and decoration. 

Englehart and Coco Republic approach every home with a fresh outlook, delivering tailor-made solutions reflecting your personality, lifestyle, and values.

Making a space that’s truly yours

With your personality, lifestyle, and budget in mind, Coco Republic will create a space uniquely tailored to you. Our partnership offers you a seamless end-to-end journey of designing and building a home – complete with luxurious furniture, artwork, and homewares.

Experience personal collaboration 

To celebrate this unique partnership, we’ve collaborated at our brand-new La Maison display in Balwyn. Designed and built by Englehart Homes and interiors styled by Coco Republic, La Maison is the height of luxury, sophistication, and design.

Scroll through to learn more about our new process with Coco Republic.

The Journey

1. Engage

Following on from your design meeting with Englehart, we will schedule your one-on-one consultation with our award-winning design team. You’ll be provided with a questionnaire to complete so we have an intricate understanding of what your interior goals are for your dream home. In our meeting we’ll chat about your lifestyle, your goals, and your vision so we can start on the creative direction for your new home. We’ll also talk to you about any existing furniture or art that will be included in your new home. Starting from scratch? No problem. We can look after everything from furniture to homewares.

2. Evolve

Following our initial meeting, we will then build out a detailed and customised design direction in a Design Compendium, ensuring all key design objectives are met. This will cover all schematic interior elements of your home, from kitchen, bathroom and custom joinery design to wall and floor treatments and colour palettes. We’ll work closely alongside Englehart as we know interiors should flow seamlessly from the architectural style of a home. We will work with you post presentation to refine any details before providing you with a copy.

3. Execute

Here’s where we bring your vision to life in an authentic and unique way. We will present your interior design concept including a mood board inclusive of a furniture and artwork schedule. We’ll provide a detailed outline of costs and ensure delivery matches up with your building timeline

4. Experience

Once construction commences Coco Republic Interior Design will start working with you on your interior decoration. This can include soft furnishings, furniture, styling and artwork. We will work closely with you to begin visualising the soft furnishing selections for your home. We will produce a tailored mood board alongside a furniture and artwork specification, ensuring it works cohesively with the exterior and remaining interior design. We will also provide you with a detailed outline of costs and ensure delivery matches up with your building timeline, creating a seamless, stress-free process.

5. Enjoy

We will project manage the entire delivery and installation of your selected soft furnishing, furniture and artwork to your home. Our experienced styling team will meet on site and ensure that your home is furnished and styled at the highest standard, whilst ensuring that we have successfully met all your lifestyle needs.

All that is left for you to do, is to turn the key in your front door and begin life in your dream home. 

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