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When you have a moment, walk through the various lifestyle tasks you do automatically when you get home at night. Ready? Let’s go.  

Pulling up to your home, you search for the clicker to open and close your garage. After parking, you fumble with your keys in the dark to open your door. Once inside, you have to move swiftly to disarm your alarm. Then, you turn the lights on to feel safe and comfortable, roll down the blinds for privacy, and set your climate control to an ideal temperature. Finally, it’s time to turn on the TV or music to unwind … but where’s the remote, and do you remember how to use your AV setup?

These are just a few of the manual steps we unthinkingly repeat every day without questioning our efficiency. Even though we’re surrounded by a plethora of lifestyle technologies, integrating these into a single, simple platform has always seemed just out of reach. 

Until now, that is.  

When designed in partnership with an experienced lifestyle technology provider, your everyday routine can be greatly simplified and enhanced. Think, for example, of the seven steps we took you through above. With a professionally designed lifestyle technology system, each of these can be automatically triggered by a security-protected personal device from the moment you open your garage door.

So, how would this actually work? 

One action will run a sequence of commands based on your preferences. In this case, the single act of opening the garage door triggers the following: 

• Unlocking of the entry door (Access Control)
• Disarming of the home (Security)
• Illumination of selected lights (Lighting Control)
• Closing of selected blinds (Blind Control)
• Setting of a temperature on the home HVAC (Climate Control)
• Tuning of the TV or Audio system to your preferred entertainment choice

This entire procedure is set in motion with a single button press, tailored to your preferences. That’s how professionally implemented lifestyle technology not only adds features to your home, but also improves your life. Early planning is the key to an intuitively designed lifestyle technology system which is discreet, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and reliable. 

The award-winning Boutique Technologies team is on hand to assist at any time. They can discuss your individual needs, look through your home plans, and spend time understanding how you and your family use your space. According to Director Reuben Rego, it’s essential for the Boutique Technologies team to understand your daily routines. Truly effective lifestyle technology facilitates the most intelligent solution, no matter how large or small your home. 

“Our experience and skill allows us to think laterally when creating and delivering concepts and robust systems that were previously unheard of,” Reuben says. “Our team of diversely skilled professionals has a depth of knowledge that can only come from thousands of hours of specialised practice and experience in solving, tailoring, and delivering technical requests.”

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