With inner suburban land at a premium and homeowners looking for greater lifestyle options, more and more homebuyers are digging deep to create a whole new level of play, work and storage.As well as multi-car garages, homebuyers want theatre rooms, bars, gyms, saunas, steam rooms, wine cellars, home offices and storage rooms beneath their homes. Basements most often include a lift to whisk occupants between floors.

Englehart Homes has considerable expertise and experience in the design and construction of basement levels which require expert engineering to manage water ingress, drainage and ventilation.

In this four-level home the owner and his family can park in a five-car garage, walk a few steps to the gym for a work-out, shower and then relax in a tiered theatre room with a sumptuous bar.

Next they can select vintage wines from a large cellar, check on the home’s operations in the plant room or retrieve items from storage.

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