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Sloping Blocks

Hillside Sloping Block with 11 metre fall Sloping Block Builders Englhart 600x380 Sloping BlocksBuilding on sloping blocks is a challenge that not all home builders are willing to take on, but Englehart offer specialised, practical and energy efficient solutions to all the problems posed by difficult sites.

Building on sloping blocks Englehart Homes 300x170 Sloping Blocks

There are a number of issues that sloping blocks create, including problems with energy consumption, ventilation, drainage and access. Englehart are experts when it come to addressing these challenges, and employ a variety of tactics suited to the specifics of a site. They ensure that houses built on inclined blocks are cost effective , environmentally conscious, well ventilated and adequately drained, but still offer the views and the unique aspect often afforded by sloping sites.

There are a number of building methods that can be especially matched to the specific challenges of your site. Contemporary solutions to the problems posed by inclined blocks avoid the ‘cut and fill’ method that was once popular, and often lead to expensive drainage problems down the track. Englehart maintains that it is better to work with a slope than to dig through it.

Remember there are some good points when it comes to sloping blocks. They often have better views than level blocks and they can work well with elevated homes. Sloping block builders Englehart Homes have designs that work with raising blocks or falling slopes. We’ll tailor the solution to fit your needs.

Englehart’s dedication to functional, environmentally conscious houses is best suited to its work on challenging sites, and decisions are always implemented with ideal aspect, access, ventilation and the cost of the project in mind.

Sloping Block Builders Englehart Homes 600x203 Sloping Blocks

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